Sarah Lewis

Second cousins Paul and Darla sent me a photo of this picture of our great-grandmother Sarah Lewis that they found in Darla’s mother’s (Jean Lewis) attic. I believe Hubert created it with chalk. Sarah and Hubert were married in 1885 and were together for 67 years until Hubert’s death in 1952.


About Kim

A few pieces of my great grandfather's work were always in display at our home growing up. In fact, every relative it seemed had his art hanging. One day I wanted to find out more about him, and it seemed there was no compilation of information in any one place, and there was some confusion about who H Lewis was. So I started digging and it led me to be the one to compile information from several different places, with a lot of the information coming from relatives who had stories handed down to them. I also searched records and collected art. Please fill free to contact me regarding information about Hubert Lewis.
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7 Responses to Sarah Lewis

  1. Kim says:

    I just noticed I also have a photo of our great-great-great grandfather Thomas Watkins, father of Mary Watkins, as well if you’d like a copy of it as well.

  2. Julie Rogers says:

    Wow, Hazel really looked like her. Any idea when this was done?

    • Kim says:

      Hi Julie (Happy Birthday Cuz!),
      Just based on Sarah’s looks and weight there, and looking at her other photos I’m going to guess she was in her late 40s to somewhere in her 50s, I’m leaning toward 50s. She got real thin later in life, and it looks like that portrait was at the beginning of her thinning out. Thanks for asking– the question made me relook at my photos of her and I have a photo that was probably used for creating the picture. Unfortunately the only date I found on the photos I have of Sarah was one dated 1900, when she would have been 33.
      See ya!

  3. Michelle Benjamin says:

    So lovely.. I believe she is the sister of my great grand father John..any family history would be appreciated..Michelle Benjamin, Marin Co. California

    • Kim says:

      Thank you for your question Michelle. The limited information I have about Sarah Elizabeth Benjamin Lewis’s family is like this:
      Thomas Watkins (lived to 102) married Mary Baptist who bore Mary Margaret (another account has middle name as Ann rather than Margaret) Watkins(christened 12/8/1850, died 1907).
      Then Mary Margaret Watkins married John Benjamin (died 1891)
      Mary Margaret Watkins and John Benjamin had 7 children
      Will (born in Stockton-on-tees, England)
      Sarah Elizabeth (born in Stockton-on-tees, England)
      John (aka Jack,born in US) Probably your great-grandfather
      If the above John is your great-grandfather then we are related, but I’d have to really sit down and chart it out to figure what level of cousins we are. if you have additional information to add, I’d love to see it.
      Thank you again Michelle!

      • Kim says:

        I do have a photo of Mary (Margaret or Ann) Watkins, who was our shared great-great grandmother. Let me know if you’d like me to send you a copy via email.

      • Michelle Benjamin says:

        Yes I would love that..I had seen one of here and still have a photo of some reason the Benjamin brothers did not get along so I don’t have any connections though I heard about a relative who did the genology long before computers..I hope to go to Wales see where our family was from..I thought Mary was from there as well..I believe her husband our great great grand father was born in Wales but not sure..I know John and Sarah along with five other sibblings were born here..thanks so much! I have art pieces as well and never understood who they were from only that we were related..

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