Patricia Boyer and her link to Hubert Lewis

I received an interesting email recently from Patricia Boyer. Patricia inherited two H. Lewis works, a chalk landscape and a floral oil painting. The pictures came from her parents, who had received the works as a wedding gift September 9, 1935 from an “H. Lewis”.
Pat didn’t know who H. Lewis was; “I have a distant relative, Marion Rosendahl, whose father was Harloff & mother was Garnett, who died when Marion was young. Marion was raised by someone else & used the Lewis name. The story which I heard was that H.Lewis was a painter who worked for a big department store in Pittsburg & knew our family.”
It turns out Patricia’s father was a cousin to Marion Lewis Rosendahl. Marion was the daughter Harlof Rosendahl and of Garnet, Hubert’s daughter who died in the flu epidemic in 1918 just months after giving birth to Marion. Hubert and Sarah Lewis took baby Marion and her father Harlof in to their home after Garnet died. After some time, Harlof left Marion to be raised with the Lewis’s, her grandparents, as he went out to start his business in California.
It would seem Hubert liked to give his art as wedding gifts, especially to those in the family. The gift to his granddaughter’s cousin was noteworthy in that it shows there was still a familial tie to Harlof’s side of the family 17 years after the death of Garnet. The newlyweds lived in Carlisle, PA, about 180 miles away from the Lewis’s.
If my accounting is correct with my ancestry skills, I believe that Patricia and I are each first cousins once removed to Marion, but no relation to each other. We both learned some new things about Hubert Lewis and our respective families.

H. Lewis landscape 1935 owned by Patricia Boyer

H. Lewis landscape 1935 owned by Patricia Boyer

H. Lewis signature circa 1935

H. Lewis signature circa 1935







H. Lewis floral circa 1935 owned by P. Boyer

H. Lewis floral circa 1935 owned by P. Boyer

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A few pieces of my great grandfather's work were always in display at our home growing up. In fact, every relative it seemed had his art hanging. One day I wanted to find out more about him, and it seemed there was no compilation of information in any one place, and there was some confusion about who H Lewis was. So I started digging and it led me to be the one to compile information from several different places, with a lot of the information coming from relatives who had stories handed down to them. I also searched records and collected art. Please fill free to contact me regarding information about Hubert Lewis.
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4 Responses to Patricia Boyer and her link to Hubert Lewis

  1. Leslie Graham says:

    I have a signed watercolor from 1895 H Lewis River Doub. France 1895 Can you tell me more about the artist?

    • Kim says:

      I have no evidence of Hubert Lewis being in France, so I can guess your painting may be from Henry Lewis, who also signed as H. Lewis. If you send me a photo of the signature, I can tell you if it some how could be from Hubert.

  2. Kim says:

    Depending on the condition and size of the pastel, I’ve seen them for between $150-$350. I’m not an art expert, but I have seen many of Hubert Lewis’s works for sale on auction sites and post sales prices. Other than taking it to someone who deals with art, that is best I can tell you. If you want to share your piece here, please send me a photo of your pastel, a photo of the signature and your permission to post the piece to
    Thank you,

  3. Barbara L.Kuzma / says:

    I have a signed pastel by H.Lewis.It is similar to some pastels you have on your web site.It’s of a cabin or house on a stream .I’m pretty sure it’s from around 1935.I’m not sure what it is worth.Do you have any idea,or who I can contact?

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