Floral Painting and Pastel Landscapes

James Kazokas contacted me about a painting he won in an auction in Northfield, Massachusetts. It bore the familiar signature of my great grandfather, Hubert Lewis. A bright floral, 12 inches by 16 inches, a little worn from time, has poppies in the bouquet, a flower painted often by Hubert.

James K floral painting

Signature from Floral owned by James Kazokas

Kevin Shaw, from Cleveland, also contacted me to share two pastel landscapes, signed H. Lewis that were handed down to his wife and him from her father. His wife is originally from Pittsburgh, which is probably where her father acquired the pieces. Kevin Shaw pastel2 retouched

Pastel Landscape owed by the Shaws

Pastel Landscape owned by the Shaws

About Kim

A few pieces of my great grandfather's work were always in display at our home growing up. In fact, every relative it seemed had his art hanging. One day I wanted to find out more about him, and it seemed there was no compilation of information in any one place, and there was some confusion about who H Lewis was. So I started digging and it led me to be the one to compile information from several different places, with a lot of the information coming from relatives who had stories handed down to them. I also searched records and collected art. Please fill free to contact me regarding information about Hubert Lewis.
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