Possible Hubert Lewis painting with signature variation; will owners of known Hubert Lewis works please have a look?

Diana Wolfe contacted me and sent photos of a painting and the signature, which looks like H. Lewis with the year 1921 written as well. The signature looks like it may have been written with a slightly broader brush, and there are similarities to Hubert’s known signatures, but differences as well. The “w” is much the same as many of his signatures. Hubert wrote the year on at least two paintings that I know of; my own Girl Playing the Piano and A Road through the Woods owned by Rob Stevenson. The “9” in 1921 looks much the same as the 9s the other two paintings.

Signature-is it Hubert's? retouched

Signature-is it Hubert’s? retouched

But the signature is also different enough that I can’t say I believe it is Hubert Lewis. The curved left side usual to his H is missing, the lengthened base on the L is not there, and the typical added tail of the s is also absent. This photo has been retouched to made the signature more readable.

HR Lewis signature, from the Girl Playing Piano painting

HR Lewis signature, from the Girl Playing Piano painting

Owned by Diana Wolfe

Owned by Diana Wolfe

This is a photo of known signature of Hubert’s, signed in 1948, 27 years later. Hubert’s signature has varied over the years, but  some aspects stayed fairly consistent. He has signed either H. Lewis or H. R. Lewis.

The piece itself is a landscape. Hubert painted many landscapes, but this one does appear to be slightly different in style. I don’t know enough artistic lingo to describe how the landscape is different, however. Hubert had a few works that were also different than his usual style, so it may well be his.

If anyone who has Hubert’s art recognizes this landscape or signature from one of his pieces, please send me a photo of work and the signature if you can, or let me know so I may let Diana know.

Thank you,


About Kim

A few pieces of my great grandfather's work were always in display at our home growing up. In fact, every relative it seemed had his art hanging. One day I wanted to find out more about him, and it seemed there was no compilation of information in any one place, and there was some confusion about who H Lewis was. So I started digging and it led me to be the one to compile information from several different places, with a lot of the information coming from relatives who had stories handed down to them. I also searched records and collected art. Please fill free to contact me regarding information about Hubert Lewis.
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8 Responses to Possible Hubert Lewis painting with signature variation; will owners of known Hubert Lewis works please have a look?

  1. David Hammond says:

    Me and my wife got this piece at an auction in Lynchburg Tennessee. Signature looks the same. Just curious about its.

  2. Sam Winover says:

    I purchased a beautiful oil painting of a girl with a blue dress playing the piano. There is no date, but the signature H.R. Lewis looks like what I am seeing on your site. What can you tell me about the painting? It’s the same painting that’s on the cover of the book…Hubert Lewis The Artist: His Life, Family & Century work. Thank you.

    • Kim says:

      Hello Sam-The painting on the the cover of my book, and on this website, with the year 1948 with the signature, is from my collection of my great grandfather’s paintings. One of my cousins has (or had) one and I think there was one or two more of them out there, to my knowledge.
      I don’t know if the one I have was the last one he painted or not, but he died in 1952, so the painting you have is at least 65 years, and probably older.
      In the years that Hubert painted, which were many, he seems to have painted quite a few pieces. In doing so he painted the same ideas more than once. He did this particularly with landscapes.
      I can also tell you that the painting I have of the Girl Playing the Piano has always been my favorite and it was the piece that made me decide to look into Hubert Lewis’s work more thoroughly.
      I’m not an art expert, so I can’t tell you much more than that.
      Enjoy and thank you for sharing,

  3. James Berry says:

    Hi Kim. I read your post & I am curious about a painting I have, signed by H. Lewis. I would like you to take a look & tell me what you think, I live in Columbus, Ohio, Thank u in advance.

  4. this domain says:

    Actually when someone doesn’t know after that its up to other people that they
    will help, so here it takes place.

  5. Nancy Gross says:

    I have a piece signed “H. Lewis” from my grandparents. The signature does not look the same. I can send a photo.

    • KimLawler says:

      Hi Nancy,
      I love to see a photo of your piece, as well as the signature. I know there are variations to Hubert’s signature, but the signature on the piece Diana owns seems a bit too different. If you want to send a photo you can email it to me at ksnazzy@comcast.net.

      Thank you,
      Kim Lawler

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